Boost endurance.
Build strength. 
Elevate Confidence.

You will be AMAZED at the results you will see in just ONE month with these powerful off skater, roller derby specific workouts!

-3 workouts per week

-No equipment needed

-Great for all levels of fitness, beginner to all star

-App access right from your phone with video examples of all the movements

-Fun supportive community atmosphere right inside the app

-Just $9.99/month 

-No contracts or commitments, stay only as long as you'd like!

You are one click away from Roller Derby Off Skates Workouts!

$9.99/ month
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We know you will LOVE RDTC and want to stay forever but should you choose to cancel, simply notify us 3 days prior to your renewal date.  

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Real Athletes Want Real Results.

Nicole D.

"RDTC is a fantastic program. I love the quick but high intensity workouts. They are easy to schedule into my day. The app is very user friendly and the other athletes in the community are super supportive. This program has increased my strength, endurance, and most importantly, my confidence."

Alex J.

"I have fried a few other programs before and I had a tendency to quit if I missed a few sessions. With RDTC I have learned to have compassion for myself even when I am imperfect. I am so excited for the strength and definition I have gained in my legs. I am stronger than ever!"
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