Yo my name is Krissy Krash and I help athletes, former athletes, aspiring athletes, and weekend warriors elevate
their performance, self confidence and LIFE

If you've ever struggled with health and fitness yourself, wishing you could finally create the transformation of your dreams you have come to the right place
I went from self conscious, unhappy, bartender, smoker, drinker, fast food eater to roller derby
all star, marathon runner, spartan racer, athlete and lover of life.

I established health sustainable fitness, eating, and thinking habits as a result i lost 30 lbs, went from a size 17 
to a size 10 and I increased my confidence, fitness, joy and life organization.

In my 12 week Online Program I will teach you everything you need to know how to sustainably and joyfully live a 
healthy life while pursuing all your sports and fitness dreams of bad assery!
KCIT you will get: 
  • A Customized Fitness Program
  • Weekly Live Group Coaching Calls
  • ​12 Week Mindset Online Course
  • 1:1 Strategy Sessions Every 4 Weeks
  • ​Access to Weekly Accountability Partners
  • ​Epic Online Community Support From Our Tribe of Awesomeness
  • ​Fitness and Nutrition Accountability and Tracking with Our Amazing Coaching Team
  "I jammed an entire game, without hitting my “wall.” Broke the habit of buying lunches at work, and took snacks with me as well.

The most amazing thing I’m walking away with is: a feeling of ownership over my time, and an astounding amount of control over my body’s movements. Both of these are things I’ve not really experienced in the past, I can’t wait to push it further!" ​-
-Rachel, California
 "I love these programs! I didn't workout for a few months and lost all muscle and endurance. I gained both back in the shortest time I've ever experienced!"
-Sonnie, Utah 
"I've lost about 27 pounds since Krissy started coaching me. I'm very satisfied." 
-Holly, Texas

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