How Would It Feel If You Could Build Speed, Strength, Agility, and Confidence For Roller Derby, WITHOUT Burning Yourself Out? 

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Leveling up your roller derby game can feel impossible. You have this deep drive to get better but there are so many generic workout plans out there. You hesitantly start one wondering "will this really make me better at derby?"
Most training plans don't understand roller derby. They make you over train, give you out dated diet advice instead of educating you how to fuel for your sport, and tell you you have to give up your entire social life in order to be a fit, strong, roller derby athlete. They focus on short term results instead of helping you actually live a life that you love. A life where you feel confident making that important block, comfortable saying yes to jamming the next jam, and capable of being your best self on the track and in life. 

Don’t know where to start? Are you having a hard time overcoming the comments of your cruel inner critic? Is it a struggle each day to figure out what to do in the kitchen or gym so you can feel energized and ready for practice? Are you stuck in a negative mindset and feeling frustrated? Trust me, I get it.

Whether Your Goal Is To Pass Minimum Skills or Make The All-Star Team, You Deserve To...

  •  Feel like a contributing memberof your pack instead of the weakest link
  • ​Be able to crush it at practice while still have energy left over for your friends, family, or kids instead of worrying about slowing everyone else down...
  • Sign up for Rollercon scrimmages without worrying you don't belong.
  • ​Earn your first MVP award
  • ​​Tryout for the team knowing that the coaches have been watching you improve and want you for that next roster spot.
  • ​Learn how to not just become an amazing athlete on the track, but to spill that over into a balanced and sustainable way of living that you feel like you can maintain for a lifetime...

Which Is Exactly Why I Created Krash Course.

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Hi, I'm Krissy Krash, a roller derby athlete, fitness nutrition specialist, and personal trainer. I help skaters worldwide build speed, strength, and agility so that they can get more track time AND feel confident in everything they pursue in roller derby and in life. 
I've coached hundreds of skaters and helped them ditch the diet mentality and train sustainably through my online coaching program, Krash Course.
After going through my own journey of going from smoker, drinker, fast food eating, low energy bartender and substitute teacher and turning myself into a roller debry all star. I know what it’s like to let your lack of confidence in your roller derby game stop you from going after what you truly want. 
I spent YEARS figuring out how to build athletic ability and gain confidence, but every diet or workout program I tried was too intense, complex, restrictive, or confusing. I felt like I was being forced to choose between my happiness and my derby goals...and that's exactly why I created Krash Course. Now, my mission is to empower skaters to find happiness on their journey to becoming an incredible roller derby athlete in a way that feels easy and sustainable so you can have more fun on the track.

Krash Course

What is the Krash Course™ Program?
My passion is helping skaters realize their full potential by teaching them how to think and train like athletes in a fun and sustainable way.
Krash Course is an online coaching program, designed for skaters who want to transform their roller derby game and life. Whether your goal is to pass minimum skills or make the all-star team, we have the systems and tools to get you where you want to go...without spending 3 hours a day in the gym and sacrificing your social life.
Who is Krash Course For?
• Do you feel confused about the right foods to eat to fuel your body for roller derby?
• Do you feel lost about what kinds of workouts will actually make you perform better on the track?
• Do you feel anxious when you are getting ready for practice or a game because you feel like you are going to let everyone down?  

Trust me, I get it.
You probably even find yourself going back and forth between going too hard and “will I ever get there?”
Why does Krash Course Work?
Because I have been in your skates and had to overcome the same struggles as you.
I work with skaters to replace harmful thoughts with ones of self-love, dump useless training routines for workouts that work, and understand how to fuel like an athlete and eat the foods you love.. If you’re ready to improve your self-esteem, build confidence on the track, and have the speed, strength and agility to earn that next roster spot then Krash Course is for you! In my program...
You can build the fitness of an MVP without living in the gym 7 days/ week.
• You can eat like an athlete without living in the kitchen
• You can build the confidence to go for that apex jump
• You can boost your mental strength to handle the toughest of power jam situations.
• You can still have an amazing social life and career without sacrificing your derby goals

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Client Results

 My performance on the track has drastically improved. During a game in August we played with 10 skaters in a hot building. I felt great and got MVJ. I could have played another game. My endurance for the rest of the season has been incredible.
I have a more positive relationship with myself and am now finding it easier to forgive myself and others when things come up. I'm able to come from a place of gratitude way more often than I used to.
I feel more intentional about the decisions I make and who I spend my time with. I'm better with setting boundaries too.

The Krash Course team and community are constantly lifting each other up, listening, and celebrating each other. Being celebrated and celebrating others in this program has been crucial in my growth. 
- Allison C
 I was stuck in a loop of not feeling like I was doing enough to improve myself and then over compensating for a few days and then being back to the same place.
The changes I've made in my training and in fueling my body have allowed me to become a better skater in unexpected ways. I'm no longer worried about gassing out before the jam is over. I'm better able to focus on track awareness and communication with team mates. It was really hard to know where the jammer was when I was just focused on being strong enough to hold my plow in a wall. 

Now I'm not distracted worrying about physical skills or lack thereof.

Krash Course has influenced pretty much every aspect of my life! From the obvious ones like fueling and meal planning to much less obvious ones like the what I read or how I approach getting my kids ready in the morning or even cleaning my house! 
- Emily M

 My strength and stamina on track were holding me back, and the course helped improve both more than I could imagine!

I went from being a relief jammer (at best) for the B Team to MVP rostered jammer who scored half of the points in our most recent game!

The amount of success I've had was unexpected! I expected to make progress, but not quite so much! The support both from the coaches and the community was a game changer. 
- Allison H

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 Krash Course has been great at helping me create a routine and giving me the mindset to try to stick to it. I feel more like an athlete, which helps me dig down just a little bit more and find the power for one more jam, one more attempt.

It's helped improve my performance at work because mindset isn't just about derby. Having a morning routine and knowing what my meals and snacks are going to be has helped me be able to focus on work a lot more. And when you feel capable on the track, you start to feel more capable off. You realize what it takes to, again, dig a little deeper and push through. One more client. One more hour. One more whatever.

This program has given me confidence to do my whole life better. 
- Violet B
Building a solid foundation enabled me to rapidly improve my performance. I was a freshie when I started Krash Course and was on the tail end of a nine week injury that kept me off skates. I was very frustrated, scared of further injury and doubing if I would ever be able to do anything of value in Derby. I am now very close to passing my first assessments to be cleared for contact, and I am very excited.

Being able to talk to my coach and the community about all the big and little things that I found holding me back gave me a better understanding of what was happening in my head. Feeling supported and knowing that people out there care about my progress and how I am doing gave me courage and motivation to continue showing up for myself.

I did not expect the level of genuine support, love and care I got via Krash Course. Thank You!
- Kat A
My performance has improved greatly.

I started KCIT with only a few months of derby under my belt, and shortly into KCIT I sprained my ankle. I not only was able to continue seeing physical improvements as I healed, but because of KCIT, once I was healed I was able to push harder and improve faster.

My balance is better because of all the off skates workouts, I’m finally getting the hang of using toe stops, and because of the amazing KCIT network I was able to skate as a visitor for a month in Hawaii.

Stepping outside my comfort zone gave me the opportunity to learn so much more about becoming a better jammer. I wouldn’t have accomplished any of this without KCIT
- Emma S
 Before Krash Course I would fall into fight or flight mode on the track and it was like everything I knew would just disappear also I would burn myself out alot!! 

But when I joined Krash Course they helped me slow down and take care of my body and helped me realize the importance of not overdoing it!! ​

I finally made it onto my team as a jammer!! Krash Course helped my performance all the way around. I have better footwork and can juke as a jammer and when I block I can actually take hits now and still hold the jammer or reset to keep them and my endurance it amazing on the track now!!  
- Erin R


Custom Workout Plan

Whether you want to workout at home or the gym, we will create a customized plan that allows you to build speed, strength, explosive power, and agility, without spending 3 hours a day in the gym. In fact, most clients only workout 3x/week! Workouts are delivered through the Krash Course App where you have to CHECK IN for your workouts, so we know whether or not you are doing them, haha.

Nutrition Plan Demystified

No more eating foods you hate. You will learn what to eat, when to eat it, how to plan it out and prepare it without living in the kitchen. We will teach you how to switch things up for practice and games days so you have all the energy you need. Plus show you how to fuel like an athlete and have a social life. Our goal is to make this as easy as possible.

Mindset Course

Not only will we show you what to do, but we will teach you WHY it's important and HOW to do it consistently. As your coach, my job is not only to make a force on the track, but to help you FEEL great. We will also teach you how to feel happier, more confident on and off the track so that you can love derby AND your life.
Krash Course comes with 14 Modules focused on helping you create a better relationship with food as fuel, build an athlete mindset, and build habits of a high performer. 


Whether you have a question about your first apex jump or you just need someone to tell you to put your dang skates on...we gotchu. You will have DAILY access to the coaches so we can get you the support when you actually need it and you can feel fully accountable for your actions knowing someone is looking over your shoulder.
Each week our coaches will review your meal plan and fitness calendar to be sure you are on track. You will submit a monthly check-in form updating your progress before your monthly 1:1 call with your coach. We provide same day responses to messages AND 4 zoom small group coaching calls per week. Plus you can join me for MVP fundamentals weekly Q&A session with specific topics to help you level up your game even faster. There are so many 1:1 and group opportunities so we can get you the support you need in order to progress quickly and effectively.

VIP Community

You will receive 24/7 access to the Krash Course In Transformation Members Only FB Group. Learning how to be an athlete can feel really scary and lonely at times when your teammates are your friends but also sometimes your competition. Or when leagues are too big or too small there isn't enough time for people to give you the 1:1 coaching and support you need.....which is exactly why we connect you with other like minded skaters on the exact journey as you. 
Our Krash Course Community is a safe space for you to share your struggles, seek and give support, and celebrate your wins. By surrounding yourself with other skaters who are also focused on their health goals, it creates a winning environment where not only are you motivated because of your own goals, but you're now motivated because you have an amazing group of skaters counting on you too!

Skills and Footage Reviews

Lastly, you have access to skill and footage reviews. Struggling with transitions? Footwork lacking a little umph? You can submit video footage of you doing a specific skill and we will give you feedback on body mechanics OR we will adjust your workouts to account for any limitations/imbalances. Constantly getting stuck behind the pack? Not sure how to handle a fast paced situation? Send in scrimmage footage and we will send you back feedback on strategies to outperform your opponent. We literally take all the guesswork out for leveling up your derby game. Your first/next MVP is inevitable with Krash Course!


1. Fill out a Coaching Application

Due to overwhelming interest, spots for coaching are limited. We get the best results for our clients, and have to be selective with the skaters we work with. Therefore, in order to work together, you need to apply and let us know how serious you are about transforming your game and your life.

2. Phone Pre-Interview 

You will be giving a booking calendar to book a pre-interview call with a member of my team. On the call we will discuss your current situation, obstacles and goals you have and how we can help you bridge this gap. We will help you determine what YOU need in order to be successful.

3. Interview

If approved my team member will set up an interview call. Depending on date/time, this interview will be directly with me or with a member of my team. On this call we will look at the 3 jey areas most skaters get stuck to determine where you need the most help. We will set goals for the duration of the program, look at what you will need to reach those goals, discuss your level of commitment to leveling up your game, and then determine if you are a good for for the Krash Course Program.

4. Acceptance

If you are accepted into the program, you will be invited to join right away! No more delaying your roller derby goals and dreams. Please only apply for this program and hop on a call with us if you are ready to take action. This is not for those who want free advice or to 'dip their toes in the water.

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Krissy Krash

CEO & Founder

NASM Certified Nutrition Coach, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Banked and Flat Track Rller Derby Skater since 2006

Once upon a time...
In a land far far away called Los Angeles, I discovered the magically brutal sport of roller derby. It was the year 2006. 

This unfit, smoker, drinker, party girl (that was me) decided to take on roller derby with full force. 

It started when I realized that practice wasn't enough. I needed to cross train, eat better, and start thinking like an athlete if I wanted to stay in derby for the long haul and really kick some a$$. After making some very specific and intentional changes, I feel more energized, stronger, faster, more agile, and more confident. 

By 2009 I was an all-star playing for the LA Derby Dolls. I even landed myself a role in that roller derby Movie Whip It (Manson Sister..whats up).

By 2014 I was competing in WFTDA Championships with Angel City Derby.

I’ve committed my life to helping others skaters unleash their full potential with my signature online Roller Derby program, Krash Course.

My top priority is to teach you how to not just level up your game on the track but how to actually be an ATHLETE for the rest of your LIFE. 

Coach Cyn (Original Cyn)

Head Coach

KCIT graduate, KC Thrive graduate, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Experienced Roller Derby Trainer and Coach

I have been playing Roller Derby for 10+ years and I am still going strong! 

I lost 60+lbs, 5 pants sizes, 15in total body loss originally between 2014-2016, then did it all AGAIN after having an epic little kiddo. 

Smashed 27 in 5 after years of agony, then went on to crush a speed test of 12 in 2 to make the All Star Roster for Red Stick Roller Derby.

My Coaching Philosophy is iIf you can show up when it’s hard, you can show up every single moment of your life. It’s not about it being easy. It’s about you convincing yourself to NOT GIVE UP.

I used to have a very negative relationship with my body and with food. After I had my son, my body was a stranger to me. I have since learned that my body and I are an amazingly strong team, and I love everything about it. Everything in this life is an experience worth learning from, and every lesson is a step forward to progress. That’s what I teach our Krash Course clients. Even the tough lessons mean you’re moving forward. The journey is so worth it.

Coach Slay (Slayonce)


B.S. Exercise Science and Nutrition, Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (INHC), Certified Women's Hormone Health Coach (IIN)

I grew up with a very strong athletic background which naturally led me to expand my studies into health, nutrition, and fitness. 

I have worked alongside various athletes and many women who look to eliminate stress and regain their confidence through prioritizing a balanced lifestyle. 

I have 6+ years of experience implementing my coaching with women worldwide, allowing them to take the floor and become in control of their confidence as they navigate a new journey to become their best selves. 

By sharing my personal journey, trials and tribulations with my clients, I connect on a deeper level of understanding as well as creating a powerful and welcoming, comfortable, and safe space for my clients to make big changes. 

I am a lover of all animals, a dedicated dog mom, and love to travel! I come from a family of confident, driven and powerful women who have helped me form into who I am today. 

Meg (BB-Skate)

Operations and Membership Manager

BSc Science (Zoology & Conservation), Dip Project Management

I am a derby fanatic, and master of digital design, prosesses and systems. 

I am based in the small country of South Africa (yea, the little tip on the bottom of Africa).

I have been in love with Derby since I first provided medical coverage for a bout around 7 years ago. I HAD to do this CRAZY thing!

I immediately started NSO'ing and eventually leveled up to skating and have never looked back. 

My love for the Derby community and my team (Golden City Rollers) knows no bounds and through Derby (and wanting to get stronger, faster and to generally become a better jammer) I found my second love - fitness. 

Other hobbies include CrossFit, baking, painting and making questionable life decisions.

Pam (Beat-Her Juice)

Enrollment Specialist

ACE Certified Personal Trainer, ACE Certified Exercise Instructor, 
Experienced Roller Derby Trainer and Coach (10+ years), Swim Team Coach & Lifeguard Instructor

We are all primed for greatness. Sometimes we just need some help and direction. “Get Better” is one of my everyday mottos. 

When we fall or get knocked down, we learn the most about how to get back up. Keep believing and moving forward and great things happen. 

I learned how to skate on the banked track back in 2014 with Tilted Thunder Rail Birds (TTRB) in Seattle. 

During COVID, I got sober, moved to Chicago and to the Chicago Knockouts, lost 35 lbs, and committed myself to getting better at life and at working out with more intention, with also a better view of myself. 

I was in a prime position to meet and join KRASH. Current member of the Chicago Knockouts and Director/Head Coach for the CKO Minors Program. Former juniors coach for the TTRB Peeps (Banked, RDCL). 


Melissa is a THICK JAMMER 
that build epic agility

Sahna found new life after derby and gained confidence and excitement about her future

Lauren lost 25 lbs and is fitter than she has been in a long time!

Mohawk is a derby skater and coach that struggled with depression and anxiety and after KCIT she now digests her emotions in a healthy way!

Are you ready to start the journey to become an unstoppable roller derby athlete?

If we can do it, you can do it too. Don't let another day go by where you ask yourself, "what if?"

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