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  • 5 key principals you must master to reach your potential as an athlete
  • Simple workouts and ways to get your fit on daily
  • ​Meal planning concepts that give the middle finger to trendy diets.
How does the 7 Day Challenge Work?
1. If you are ready to unleash your inner sparkly beast mode unicorn of awesomeness, fill out the sign up below and once submitted you'll get the link to join our free group!

2. Join our Krash Course Community Facebook Page

3. The week of the challenge, you will join us for 5 video coaching sessions in the Facebook group.

4. Do the daily workouts, mindset homework, and make new friends inside the group.

5. Come out of the challenge focused, fired up, and ready to take on your game and your LIFE!

Life is a Contact sport.
Are you ready to learn how to win?
Starts September 7th
Space is Limited

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